Our Story

"Our mission is to provide you with the effective natural solutions you need to take charge of your daily wellness. We've combined education, innovation and pioneering. Allowing us to give you the very best now with faster recovery, better health & lasting wellness products."


Our Journey

After a traumatic car accident, our founder Leon Thompson began searching for a solution to his debilitating pain. When nothing on the market helped, he was inspired to design a device that works, making the first YouLyfe product. He continued to research specific products that helped ease the pain in his atrophying muscles faster. When a desperate friend in need also told him of the tremendous results they achieved from Leon's first YouLyfe product as well as his recommendations for other complimentary products in the market, Leon knew he was on to something. After countless prototypes and years of preparation,our founder brings to everyone around the world the sameopportunity for incredible results. Now everyone can begin to experience the breakthrough science of YouLyfe.

Research and Development
Innovation's in our DNA

Over the years, expertise and feedback set the bar for our high standards of efficacy. Today, we work with the best in physical therapy, trainers, engineers, and scientists at every stage of product development. As your needs keep evolving, we'll keep innovating.

Empowerment through education

For too long, inaccessibility prevented health and wellness from being something that is truly for everybody. That's why education is central to YouLyfe. A solution people don't know how or when to use is hardly a solution at all. Our YouLyfe products, YouLyfe newsletter and coming soon our YouLyfe podcast, are part of our focus on education, which we hope will help you come to your own understanding about what wellness routines, methods, and mindsets work for you.

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"I created YouLyfe to help people feel better naturally. Looking back, YouLyfe was the catalyst for a bigger mission. I'm proud to say that YouLyfe is committed to providing natural solutions that work."

Leon Thompson

Founder and Chief Wellness Officer


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A relentless commitment to innovation met rigorous testing and direct feedback from people in need. The results? Award-winning innovations you have to feel to believe.

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